Saturday, 27 October 2012


So I am now full swing in my new job as a Stylist in the Topshop on Oxford Street and so far so good!
As all the girls look so glamorous all the time I decided to treat myself to these bad boys! 
I can't wait to get them now!

+ They'll go perfectly with my petrol feather jacket!!

Perfect Halloween outfit?!?!

I am LOVING this shoot for Jalouse.

The Polkadot Trench is THE ONE.
but Kate makes the checkerboard leather look just as iconic!

I recently saw Kate Moss and credit where credit is due… She's HOT.
SHE'S 38!! 

PS. this one's for Rosa. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

SO I'm planning on heading over to London Fashion Week tomorrow after work, feel like I need to get involved! Plus I just purchased this skirt from the J.W Anderson Collection from Topshop…

I swore to myself I wasn't going to buy any clothes this month but have failed miserably!
When the collection dropped in store last week I wanted to read more about it so read the whole feature on it. I love knowing the story behind the creator; it 
I fell in love with the detailing of this skirt and just couldn't resist.


I am totally in love with these cut out cross wedges by Grey City
definitely a one hit wonder from the collection though..
you can purchase them from The Cool Hour

Lastly a week later I am still suffering from Bestival Blues, it was seriously amazing, Stevie Wonder followed by a fireworks display was euphoric!
Can't get this song out of my head!!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


I live in my JC coltranes…these are definitely my next purchase. UH OH.

or maybe these…

I may just have to win the lottery. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012


so I haven't posted in AGES!!! was at Lovebox over the weekend… managed to jammy an artist wristband so spent the whole day behind the rinse stage which was a touch!! 

I got street styled while I was there by Kids of Grime… looking rather manly. I think its the eyebrows.. But I am so in love with a good brow these days. The bigger the better YO' 

Alsooo wearing my swanky new Jeffreys for the first time… they got a little muddy but SO WHAT. I Loveeeeeee them.

Its also my birthday this week.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


SO I'm off to see Dry The River tonight so i'll report back!! but just quickly I am loving my leather oversized clutch at the moment and kind of adore these Prada ones! 

Bringing back the flames which graced so many hideous bowling shirts of teenage boys in the 90's.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012