Monday, 31 January 2011

la roux meets james blake meets jamie t... Nike collab.. and Topshop.

so he looks like Elly Jackson from La Roux's little brother... he sounds like James Blake and he has the angst of Jamie T... and to top it all off he is only 16.

I like his vibe.. its not a spanking new track but i do think it is about to take off.. and even if this song doesn't go viral.. i reckon he will.. it's just a matter of time.

this is Zoo Kid... real name is Archy Marshall... he comes from london.

the title of the track is 'Out Getting Ribs'.. and is taken from a John Michel Basquiat work... this to me makes this track a million times better... i love John Michel Basquiat as an artist.. and 'Basquiat' is one of my favourite films.

Back to fashion

i am LOVING this collaboration... Nike and Andrea Crews.
its fresh, current and wearable... here are a few of my favourite pieces

i love the slashed bomber. i Need it! 

the visa block fringe really adds to the aesthetics of these photos.

also new Topshop spring summer 11 trends video..

shows all the current trends in Topshop.. Swedish summer, Graduation, Snake Valley and New Age Constellations which is the brand new trend set to drop at the end of the week.

it is shot by Tyrone Lebon and was styled by Beth Fenton.
i like the weightless feel of the short film but do wish they had focused on the fashion a little bit more as the styling you can see looks amazing.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


so i have been slacking on the blogging over the past few days, been really busy trying to sort out my life.

so to make up for it heres a collection of 'fings' which i think relevant.

firstly -  music...

this is the new video dropped on MTV in the US on the 27th of jan... 

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill

reasons to love this video

1. inked gallys are hot!
2. the song is awesome. Quite moorish! 
3. the aesthetics of the video are a winner.
4. because i wish disposing of wannabe rockstars was as easy as opening a car door.
5. her accessories work.

secondly - mens fashion

so obey have launched their Spring/Summer 11 collection...
 some of their pieces were a bit off key... and are definitely inching away from the graphic prints which they are so well known for.

here are my 2 favourite looks from the collection,

i love the tribal inspired vest and the canvas rucksack. I could definitely see this as a wearable look for the summer. 

 i feel this is more american apparel than Obey, but hey, it still works and it is very wearable. love the tie dye tee.

Thirdly - Women's fashion

so this is my favourite website for inspiration. I have only ever bought one thing from this site... a bad wing cardigan, hand painted and jewelled. But i love looking at what they put up.

They just uploaded some new items in their vintage section - these are 2 of my favourite items.

rare Ozzy Osbourne tee. Who doesn't love a bit of the O-man. 
plus i love this gallys strawberry blonde hair. 

I love this dress.. its quite simple but its the detailing such as the v-neck which make it different from other LBD's. The gold studding and the way its been accessorised... no jewellery.. but a large hat and heeled jodhpur boots. 

I love hats like this. I think it is going to have to be my next purchase. I saw the hottest couple in Tesco yesterday... they were both wearing hats... she was wearing one like this and he was wearing a brixton hat with a feather in. 
 I was at the checkout next to them but i couldn't stop being a 'stalkypants' .. from head to toe they worked.. and arm in arm they complimented each other beyond belief but not in a cringe way. I wish i had my camera on me. 

anyway.. the website is Spanish Moss
check it out
lastly - accessories 

i think the must have accessory this summer is a homemade amethyst ring.

it's really cheap to buy a cluster like the one above... some super glue.. and an old ring. NO excuse as to why everyone shouldn't have one. You can buy Amethyst crystal clusters on the internet or in independent stores near you which sell all types of healing crystals etc. I'm pretty sure even shops like Presence sell crystal clusters. They just look really quirky and cost a bomb to buy as ready made jewellery.. so get creating.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

whats tight right now

so its freezing outside yet again but there are a lot of really cute summer dresses, skirts, shorts in all the high street stores, the solution is tights TIGHTS tights -  in all colours.

my best friend emily wore these white tights and a floral dress when i met her today, she always rocks white tights and i love it, i am definitely inspired to wear my pair in the next couple of weeks.

i took this photo on my brand SPANKING new Fuji Instax.. it is my new baby. i am going to keep it in my bag at ALL times from now on. 

It's Fuji's answer to the Polaroid. I was stuck between buying a Polaroid camera of Ebay but weighing up the economics of it, i could get a the Fuji camera brand new, with a 10 pack of film for less than £50.. i think thats a bargain. You can get film for around £15 for a pack of 20. Where as polaroid film, remade by the Impossible Project, works out at about £20 for a pack of 10... thats just a little unreasonable if you ask me. 

SO basically I'm a massive FUJI fan.

On to other tights.
So many people are rocking the Pretty polly and House of Holland collaboration tights lately, and i love them! i think they spruce up an simple outfit and make it sharp.. but i think there is room to branch out to different brands of hosiery..
for example..
these 'love' tights by Pamela Mann are classic pin up with a twist. 

these tights by Wolford would definitely make an outfit, that is for sure. 
and these Leo tights also by Wolford would be perfect to take a plain outfit.. whether it be shorts and a top or a simple dress.. from day to night.

so next time you are thinking to buy something new to wear out.. think tights. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

bape and topshop.

Me and my beautiful friend grace went to brick lane to check out the Bape pirate store today - It was good, definitely worth checking out. I bought myself the black pirate tee ---- i had to ask for it though, so if you're planning on making a trip there do make sure you check out what you're looking for before you go.. and then you might find some gems as well.

It was right next to Rough Trade so we stopped in and did some photos... we couldn't really work it out though hence the awkward outcome.

Lastly, as i should be starting work in Topshop sometime this week, (YAY, how i have missed it!)... i was checking out their blog... Inside - out

they have just launched a new way to shop... Edited... it's a hand-picked selection, by the head of design, of the best of the season... you can shop it online or in a sectioned off room at the flagship store.

i think its a good idea because i often find myself lost in the enormity of the store.

plus.... look at this AMAZING image they posted on their blog today...CHAN - EL - IPHANTS

butter all over the world is melting.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Forever 21

so i just found out some MAJOR news.

forever 21... (the American based fashion retailer) .. is exploring British territory. SCORE.

for those who are not familiar with the brand, it's the USA's high street fashion store. It is the middle man of Topshop and Primark... a H&M kind of brand.. but not quite. 

You do have to hunt a bit but you will find some gems.

heres a few I've picked

 beaded hem tulle skirt £13.50
floppy hat - £12.80

summer essential (with socks) - £23.80

looped poncho - £11.95

cross connector ring
Ultimate buy - £1.50

lace socks - £4.80

Suede woven skirt - £24.80

suedette lace up boots - £21.80

suedette lace up ankle boots - £23.80

tribal print maxi skirt - £19.80

will there be room for another major fashion retailer?......

personally i think there will be! they offer something for everyone at very affordable prices. Not just clothes, but everything seems to be rapidly going up in price.. and forever 21 is definitely a store for the bargain hunters.

Forever 21 has opened their first store in Birmingham now!

they plan to open one soon in London Stratford, and then conquer more of Europe.

Just a quick note - my excitement comes about for Forever 21 as i went to a store whilst i was in Boston just under 2 years ago, and it was like a little treasure chest. I still wear some of the stuff i got from there.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

blue suede shoes.

as spring is fast approaching, i wanted to do a post on accessories... for the ladies. in particular hats and shoes.

All the shoes and hats featured in this post are from Topshop.

firstly, i Love the idea that everyone will be wearing Floppy hats this spring/summer.. they are so elegant and reminiscent of the 70's...  which is the most common inspiration through out the trends and brands.

here's a few of my favourite - notice they are all camel coloured - i think camel is the perfect colour for headwear this season. 

So on to the footwear. Think BLUE blue BLUE.

The fact all of them have open toes make them all perfect for the warm weather we hope for.

wedges are always a winner. On trend and always comfortable.

to play along with Topshop's 'Swedish Summer' trend the must wear with all these shoes is a cute pair of socks

wearing sock with heels is also more practical for the colder spring days.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

an afternoon of extravagant delight.

So no more messing around at uni. time to get serious.. but before i left leeds my friends from home came to stay with me, and we had one last play time up north.

'It was an afternoon of extravagant delight' - dressed up head to toe... after a lovely shopping trip to revamp the wardrobes.... (the quote is from one of my favourite films, Candy, starring Heath Ledger, even though its in a dark context, i LOVE that saying.)

buy of the day is this

so i know that this tee is not a new drop from Boy London.. but its a classic.. both me and my friend grace ended up buying a top...

It was my leaving party and the theme of the night was 'one crazy thing'.. you had to wear one crazy thing... Becky and Grace went as a lovely disney couple.. 

but talk about a great happening...

i found this image of Jesus Luz whilst researching more about the brand.. LOVE

... my crazy thing was, of course, a feather headband... but i made another one which is brightly coloured to make it a bit more out there.

i wore this beautiful dress from Topshop... couldn't be more 'me' .. however.. the fringing got caught on EVERYTHING! and ripped.. etc.. very disappointing.

One last thing that i bought in leeds was a gold ear cuff from urban outfitters... £5 pounds in the sale... bargain!!... 

i think summer is going to be all about layering on the jewellery.. rather than chunky beads like last year.. its going to be more about wearing thin chains.. lots of them.. in silver and gold.. mixed.

but a LOT of rings.. but can having heavily dusted knuckles ever be a bad thing?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


so seeming as I'm going to be super busy for the next 2 days and have my beautiful friends from home coming to stay with me in leeds for 2 days i want to cram a few posts in right now.

this post is mainly for the guys. and mainly about shoes.

so the must have item, i think, for all guys, and even gallys - i do own some, is a pair of desert boots.
my lovely friend from uni popped over with his so i could take a few snaps..

this is joeeee

and his shoes.

they go with everything, there are so many variations of colour and slight variations in style - eg - thickness of the sole .. but you really can't go wrong.

heres the clarks originals

right now I'm liking the darker version as its not quite summer yet.

so i know a lot of people already own them... so wear them.. or if you don't ... buy them 

or if you want to be a bit more out there, but stick with the feel of the desert boot.. how about this pair of shoes. They were recently dropped in the Vans Vault spring summer collection.

the cut-out triangles give a simple shoe a different twist. I like that Vans have explored far more than just sneeks in this collection. 

i can see the moccasins from this collection being a very popular summer investment for a lot of guys.

Just as a late addition.. i found these beauties.. 
they were dropped by Pretty Green.. Liam Gallagher's company - Liam worked closely with the Clarks originals team to produce these lovely creations - seeming as this was my last post whilst living in leeds -  it seems appropriate that they are made from Janus Butt suede made in leeds.

away from the feet and moving towards the hands..

check out these amazing rings by Han Cholo

the one with the LOCO hat is my favourite.

definitely some fun finger work for the fella's 

and seeming as this post was about shoes... heres something for the the girls to feast their eyes on...

i love these loafers by pointer.. the fiery stitching makes them really different from the ones which grace our Highstreet.