Tuesday, 27 September 2011


So Terry Richardson is with out a doubt one of my favourite photographers at the moment. 

He has an Exhibition running at the moment named 'Mom and Dad'.
It also features a pop-up-store with limited edition memrobilia. 
I NEED this tee which is a collab with Diesel.
It shows a picture of a chimp wearing Terry's famous specs.


Friday, 23 September 2011

total mind blank.

So i completely forgot to post about this!

When at Bestival we saw a lady wearing the most AMAZING shoes ever… so naturally being a shoe FANATIC went up to her to ask where she got them from…

she gave us the worst answer EVER… her friend made, yes MADE them for her.. 

as we were chatting to her she was slowly shying away … and thats when we realised it was actually Robyn..

a few hours later she's on stage. Confirming our initial beliefs.

She was actually amazing live as well.

Monday, 19 September 2011

dark nights.

so the first EVER… European Supreme shop is opening up in London on the 22nd of this month…

this has its pros and it definitely has its cons…

regardless I still love supreme, they just know how to make quality clothes that are original and fresh without being obvious.  

secondly and something a little bit more mainstream ..

I'm on nightshifts at the moment for our creative sign off at Topshop… and I realised last night how good the product is at the moment for A/W 11…

Firstly and foremost .. 


I am obsessed with the pair below.. they're called Absinthe… and in real life they are actually incredible - and surprisingly go with EVERYTHING. 

The ones below are called Allegra.. and they are the perfect day to night shoes - the little bit of height gives them an elegance but the classic Chelsea boot structure means they grunge down winter florals or a midi skirt.

on to Accessories…

The perfect accessory for this winter is a good Beanie hat… weather it has a bobble on or not.. wear it with a girly outfit (and keep it on indoors) to grunge it up…

or just goth it up completely anyway and add a beanie for emphasis. 

and last, but definitely not least… 


Crushed velvet is back for winter…. so wear it casually and tone it down with some creepers or a pair of low Dr. Martens… also clash and layer contrasting textures… it will never get old. 
Doesn't matter what form… get some cords.

so that's pretty much a wrap for today.. time to get ready for a long night. 


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Busy Bee.

So i have literally had the best two weeks of my life!

In chronological order, 


Outlook festival was amazing!!

The music, the beach, the people and even the travelling to get there was all absolutely incredible!

I took some Fuji Instax's along my travels.

This photograph is of some birds in the sky in Trieste in Italy. (you can click on any of the pictures to see details.)

the photo below is of the sunset in slovenia after about 16 hours of travelling. It is without a doubt my favourite photo i have ever taken. 

Sunflowers in Pula, on the road which we were staying on.

This Ford Escort was also parked on the road which we were staying on in Croatia. Dragonja. 
I got a little too excited every time we passed it, it was just beautiful.

The Colosseum in Pula which was in amazing condition.

So that's a snippet of croatia..

and then on to Bestival…

Bestival makes me speechless.. it was perfect in every sense of the word.

The music was unbelievable.. the people we went with/camped with/met couldn't have been nice and just generally i have never had so much fun…

So firstly the music,

people that i saw and loved included - 

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - probably my favourite band of the festival.
King Blues
The Maccabees
Dry The River
Caitlin Rose
Lucy Rose
Claude Von Stroke
Fatboy Slim
Robyn - who we met unaware it was her because we loved her shoes so SO much and had to ask where she got them from - turned out a friend made them for her. They were Flatform kicker style walking boots. AMAZING. and she was incredible live.
The Cure - who were a bit of a let down
Congo Natty
Toots and the Maytails
and there were loads more but I can't remember.
we dressed up as bananas one day…

and best of all one day Vogue scouted me… 


Plus it was one of my bestest bud's birthdays .. so Happy birthday Rosa Commins.. you wonderful beautiful earthling.

Lastly The Doghouse shoot which i did is now on ASOS… So go and purchase your Doghouse Tote bags now. Doghouse is such a dope brand… and i'm not just saying that!… check it out for yourself!

So long for now… i promise to post more frequently now that I'm back.